Water Circle Studios, Hotels & Residences of the Future

Integrated Mixed-Use Entertainment District

20 acres and 2.1 million sq.ft. built space includes hospitality, residences, film studios & live performance venues and supporting facilities and amenities.

Water Circle Studios of the Future

All-in-one Media Studios Campus

Hotel resort style creative offices and branded hotels

Sound and production stages

Potential for 15 sound stages, live studios and broadcasting studios

Live performance venues

3 parking zones.

Adjacent to two private jet terminals, heliport and a specialist freight terminal.

Water Circle Studios Hotel and Residences

6.57 acres with over 525,000 sq.ft. of built space

Resort-style Branded hotel sits above WATER CIRCLE studios stage 4

Hotel Villa Suites & Villa Suite Residences all with private terrace

Dining & outdoor settings Upper deck make yourself at home

Water Circle Studios Hotel & Residences

Incorporates creative offices, studios and support features within branded hotel resort-style amenities

1 Skydeck Lounge
2 Skydeck
3 Sky Terraces
4 Hotel Villa Suites

5 Sky Villas
6 Skydeck
7 Sky Terraces
8 Upper deck resort-style pool

Alive at Water Circle Studios

Live Studios & Plaza - Where People Meet

Center of entertainment district

Next Generation venue

Multi purpose arena 106,000 sq.ft. over 4 levels

VIP sky boxes and decks

VIP check-in lobby

Villa suites, skybridge entrance & courtesy transportation

Flexible configuration venue

Red carpet launches

Music, film, broadcast & live event venue

LED Screens

Concerts, film premieres, award shows

Open air events

High capacity shuttle service - 5 minutes to Stansted transport hub

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